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Shootworks Red Carpet Experience 

When Your Event Deserves all the Glitz and Glamour of the Red Carpet, Shootworks can  help. We can provide the Full Shootworks Experience (Backdrop, Lights, Carpet, Photographer, Instant Digital Sharing) or scale to the size of your event.


We are the Social Distancing Solution

When you add All or Part of  "The Red Carpet Services", You can choose any or all of the following  A la carte.

  • Create a customized Step and Repeat Backdrop or work with your event coordinator to create a custom design 

  • Add a Theme Color Carpet ( If desired)

  • Provide Bright Studio Lights

  • Professional Event Photographer 

  • Large HD Display for Instant Image Viewing 

  • Professional Red Carpet Photographer 

  • Instant Digital Image Sharing

If you are looking for a SOCIAL DISTANCING ALTERNATIVE TO A PHOTOBOOTH, Check this out!!!!


Shootworks will invite you and your guest to walk the red carpet and pose for multiple fun and exciting shots. Immediately the images are displayed on large HD screen for all to see and enjoy as a building slide show. In order to share images with each and every guest. Shootworks will create a custom key word (White Party, 50th. Holiday, Tony40) for your event. Your guest would text your keyword  and receive a link with all the Backdrop images. Your Guest can share or save any image they like. The "Red Carpet Experience" serves as a great location for unlimited images and Selfies.

NO PHOTO STRIPS, NO SHARE STATION, NO CONTACT.... The perfect solution for this COVID world.     


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