Shootworks Fundraiser






Shootworks is honored to support those who support others.  We understand the challenges of raising funds in this environment. 

We want to help.  Shootworks is proud to offer The Shootworks Red Carpet Fundraiser. 


Here’s how it works. 


At no cost to your organization:

  • Shootworks will work with you to create a 10x8 backdrop with your name or logo (can include any text image or design you have or like). This includes working with your current graphic artist on your design;


  • Provide a red or themed color carpet to be placed in front of your backdrop;


  • Provide professional studio lights, High Definition lights to illuminate your backdrop;


  • Provide large HD monitor for the guests to see how great they look;


  • Professional photographer to capture all of your guests in their red carpet splendor


  • Using high speed, printers for almost instant delivery of images

Consider the following:  Shootworks will provide 6x8 prints in a paper frame or provide a High-Quality Digital Image to your supporters for $20.  In return, $4 per picture will be donated back to the organization.  Proceeds will be received at the end of the event.  What a great way to ensure the receipt of your funds without any delay, on the same day.

Example:  100 prints at $20 = $2000.  $2000 x 20%= $400.  $400.00 is donated back to the organization.  Again, the proceeds are received at the end of the event day.

At the end of the event, a link will be provided where more photos can be purchased.  We will continue to honor the agreement and 20% of the proceeds will still go to your organization.

This is perfect for an event of 75 guests and more.

We accept all major credit cards, Cash, Cash App, Zelle .  Please complete the below form and we will contact you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!